DSDC: Case Study #1

Date: 04/02/24

New here:


I’m playing around with the a new model:

  1. Long Term Project
  2. Short Term Project
  3. Immediate

(thanks Dan koe)

These are the three ‘work blocks’ to tackle everyday.

The long term project is the current most important project for your artistic freedom

  • Truth Can Be An Ad

Short-Term Project is whatever is the most important artistic project for you to do get done this week.

  • The Forge (sharing)

Immediate is the time block to take care of maintenance

  • What I call KTHDRLing

This DCDS is a short-term work block.

My current short-term work block is to create a video for my MF class that teaches them how to do this week’s homework.

So, where do we start?

First, find the root note in Notion to begin working on.

MF Week 3.key17771.4KB
MF Week 2 Slides.key9583.6KB

So these are all the places some strands of the DNA of this project live.

Let’s bring them together.

Distilling My Notes

Project: Record ‘Daimonic Initiation’ case study for Mental Fitness

Goal: Provide raw example for clarity (help them with their homework)

Story Notes:

Introducing Daimonic Initiations (Daily pages)

First Ingredient: AIM (June 20th Course Launch Goal)

Second Ingredient: Create a Container (James Clear Copy)

Third Ingredient: Momentum (Struggle, but start)

Fourth Ingredient: Listen (GEB Returning)

My Current Daimonic Initiation: DCDS Logs

This the outline.

I know myself; when I have the level of passion for a writing project as I have for this one; my pattern is to let it grow to a size that leads to me abandoning it.

Do you do that too?

To alchemize that, I’m choosing constraints.

  1. I will not change the outline
  2. I intend to finish this in 4 DCDS
    1. if I don’t, 5th DCDS will be ruthless. We will cut whatever must be cut to release by the end of the sprint

That feels potent to me.

Next step: fill in the outline with chucks from previous notes.

Checkpoint: 52 Minute Mark

So I’m 47 minutes into this sprint and I already have:

  1. Gathered and organized my notes from the week on this topic
  2. Created the outline
  3. Began to fill in the outline.

Now, I’m going to let myself write as sloppy of a rough draft and I can allow myself to make. Here we go

Rough Draft #1


First Ingredient: AIM

Second Ingredient: Create a Container

Third Ingredient: Momentum

Fourth Ingredient: Listen

My Current Daimonic Initiation: DCDS Logs

Checkmark: 15 Minutes

This might be one of the most productive 90 minutes I’ve ever spent on an article.

There is something magical happening here.

But my eyes feel fried. I’m going to go outside and for a nice long walk.

We shall be back tonight (or tomorrow).

In the mean time, I am going to take the last 12 minutes of this sprint to clean up my digital area.