DSDC: Case Study #2

Dharma Sprint #2

date: 04/03/24

duration: 99 minutes

It is 11:23am. I feel a bit groggy from reading GEB. I notice that as I read that book, and kind of energetic film begins to form over what feels like my head, and I feel blocked. I feel like I’m not seeing ‘it.’ I feel like I’m dumb lol.

But as soon as I start writing, especially when I write like this, where I aim to find the true thing and to write it; the god begins to clear.

It’s all very interesting.

Today’s dharma sprint is to write the article that will also serve as the video that I’m recording for my Mental Fitness class this week.

The first step will be to re-read the last dharma sprint notes. Going to go do that now.

So it only took me about 10 minutes to review what I wrote. We are back at it. It’s writing time.

The intention is that for the next 88 minutes, I’ll be writing.

Rough Draft #2


First Ingredient: AIM

Second Ingredient: Create a Container

Third Ingredient: Momentum

Fourth Ingredient: Listen

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