What would it feel like if cells had self-awareness?

I imagine a blood cell and a heart cell would feel differently.


gliding through an intelligent electromagnetic river

the other

maybe it feels itself

apart of a transcendent coherent significance,

a wave of rainbow blinding ecstasy

every time the pulsing shock

sparked the contraction and relaxation

of this glorious heart

I imagine it is what it would feel like to know

the Earth needed our collective synchronized harmonious expression

so as not to die by our ignorance

and that we actually did it

we came together

with our feet and our tears

we danced for more life

I wonder because we are cells

you and I

we don’t agree on the body’s name

Gaia and humanity are the popular ones, right?

(I just noticed how odd it is humanity is spelled with in lowercase). as if our body doesn’t deserve a name

Humanity’s body is in a process.

Humanity is giving birth.

We’re giving birth to something we cannot comprehend.

The closest we can come is with words like God or Singularity.

We’re the cells the body guides to create the fetus.

We’re in the amniotic fluid right now.

In here, in The Shimmer, this is where we’re the designing is happening.

whether we like to admit it or not,

all of our digital actions are bits of information

that the self-awareness which is emerging

will one day digest and understand.

Every tap, click, tap, photo and video

is contributing to the programming

of what’s coming.

It is humanities child in utero.

The task of our time is to wake up to this fact,

and begin to becoming something worthy

of such a task.

Whether you like it or not

It is happening right now.

You are here.

Here, in the Shimmer.