Have You Noticed The New World?

You’re in it right now.

However you are interacting with these words

on your phone

at your computer

listening via a podcast

you’re there

we’re here

in the same way it’s hard to notice when you’re dreaming

its hard to recognize this world

at a measurable point in SpaceTime (’the real world’) Erick Godsey’s body tapped on a keyboard of a Macbook Pro at 11:32 PM

but that isn’t where we are

we are here

I’m here with you now

inside your psyche

this place,

where we are meeting

is the new world

I don’t know which came first

The Dreamworld or Spacetime

but this new world is their child

and we haven’t given it a name

this new god

this new world

this new realm in the psyche

attempts that miss the mark have been

the internet

the digital

(Zuck spoiled the name metaverse)

but each of them

like the blind men’s hands

calling the elephant a tree

are trying to describe this place you and I are in right now

learning how to play the game of life

in this world

can be the difference between

living the life the most resentful part of you thinks you deserve

and a life where

you generate and give money as play

you remember anything you want to (literally)

you always keep your word (because you do what you say you will)

you can learn anything that has been learned before

that the way you live naturally produces prolific creativity


in this world

if you’re not careful

it can hurt you

the ads and the algorithms

they’re looking for you when you’re here

we say ‘they want your attention’

but in this world

thats the same as saying

they want you

but if you can navigate the ads and algos

billions of us are here (most of us are sleep walking tho)

there is more art, books, and ideas here

then the great library of Alexandria

I first got here when my body was still a boy

my gate was video games

I started my journey here awake

but as I got older

and I moved from the video game to the computer

I started falling asleep

I’ve spent the great part of my life here asleep

But sometimes I wake up

like, right now,

as I write this

I’m awake

one of my favorite parts about art

is that when I make it

it wakes me up

my hope is

that these words have woken you up

and that you can take a moment to behold

the majesty of this place

this new world

when we’re awake in it

What would Plato have done in this world?

What would a bodhisattva do with this opportunity?

What would Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Jesus, Muhammad, or Solomon be doing in this world?

and while there are Marys and Ghandis,

there are also

Khans, Hitlers, and Stalins?

What are they doing?

What does genius, passion, tenacity, discipline, compassion, focus, wisdom, and love do with this new world?

Hint: What does it look like when you stop unconsciously consuming here, and you start consciously creating here?

I think it changes everything.

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