When You Forget, Here’s a Reality Check

I learned about ‘reality checks’ when I first started exploring lucid dreaming

A reality check is something you do in a dream that reminds you that you’re dreaming

One of the awesome facets of dreams is that, when you remember, you become lucid

(and lucid dreaming is a limp phrase

we use to describe

a god-like state of being

but thats for another time)

A common reality check is the mirror test

whenever you walk by a mirror


notice your face

the light behind your eyes

(if you don’t see it, look for it, it’ll find you)

look away


look back

most of the time it’ll still be your face looking back at you.

if so, carry on

but if your dreaming

your reflection will change

not a little, not subtly

but radically enough

to kill a delusion

that annihilates the world

this isn’t the real world

it’s a dream

(if you’re like most people

you’ll get so excited by the insight

you’ll wake yourself up)

tip: if you get here, look down at your hands

and spin around 180 degrees

i don’t know why, but it works


we don’t only travel between the dream world

and the ‘real world’

theres a third world

and thats where you and I are right now

these words you’re reading

they are a portal between my mind and yours

I’m in your psyche right now

thank you for having me

as a token of my gratitude

let me offer you a reality check

are you awake?

in the same way we can be dreaming

and not know it

we can be here, in this world,

and not know it

we know what it feels like to be asleep here

scrolling, scattered

passive, consuming

its okay,

most of the time I’m here,

I’m asleep too

but if you’re reading this

you’re awake right now

its kinda like a lucid dream

when you’re awake here

you have powers here

you can learn nearly anything

you can create nearly anything

you can connect with nearly anyone

the raw materials for your dream life can be built

from the steady, consistent, right actions

you perform in this world

so now that you’re awake

what are you going to do?

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